The world changes. Humans evolve.

The next revolution of commerce and interaction is all about connectivity. FreshRealm was formed to help usher in this new era. Welcome to the .co era of cooperation, collaboration, and co-creation.

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FreshRealm is...

We are all connected

We have networked our planet and are just beginning to understand the potential benefits of this shift. How can we grow together as consumers, creators, and as human beings?

Our children are taught that "Survival of the Fittest" means that only the strongest survive. But this is only partially true. Evolutionary thriving requires strength and adaptability. Learning to successfully compete and collaborate are both needed to evolve.

We Are Connected

We can do better

Food is the source for all human energy. Every movement and thought is fueled by our food. Food is important. Together, we're going to help the food industry evolve.

Food is the most basic of human connectors. It is the fuel for our bodies and the focal point for families. When we break bread with one another, we can dissolve the differences and sit together as members of the human family. And although technology has provided the world with a food bounty never known in history, it has also left us with major challenge areas.

FreshRealm is improving fresh food distribution and targeting food waste in order to help evolve humanity. By organizing and streamlining existing systems, data, and markets, we aim to bring fresh food to everyone while eliminating the spoilage and false demand that contribute to catastrophic food waste.

Do Better

Co-creating for progress

FreshRealm is what happens when people apply logic and love to our food system. FreshRealm consists of 6 parts. Together these elements are designed to take our food system to the next level of efficiency, cooperation, and responsibility.

The FreshRealm Vessel

The FreshRealm Vessel is a patent-pending, game-changing fresh food delivery system.

Historically, national delivery of fresh food has been impossible. With the invention of the the Vessel, FreshRealm can get fresh food to people faster, fresher, more conveniently and to more places than ever before in history. If it has a mailbox, fresh food can be delivered there. Click for Vessel instructions

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FreshRealm Vessel

National Fresh Food Supply Chain

FreshRealm connects Shoppers & Merchants to a national network of Food Suppliers, Food Makers and Food Packers. The existing network has facilities across the country that have been supplying established institutions with fresh, prepared food for over 10 years. FreshRealm now allows everyone to benefit from decades of product development, food sourcing, food preparation and food safety expertise.

FreshRealm Vessel

The Cloud-Based Platform

The FreshRealm Cloud is what produces massive efficiency and greatly reduced distribution time. It connects the dots and applies lean manufacturing principles to all parts of the distribution chain. Food Makers, Food Packers, Food Carriers, Merchants and Shoppers are all seamlessly connected via the FreshRealm Cloud. This cutting-edge tech solution allows geographically-distant individuals and organizations to work together for on-demand food-making and just-in-time national food delivery.

FreshRealm Vessel

Crowdsourced Co-Drop Delivery Network

If an individual or family desires a full Vessel of food, it can be shipped directly to their home. But to maximize the economics of shipping full Vessels, FreshRealm has also developed a Co-Drop network to allow people to group orders in a Vessel. The applications of this are wide and significant. People can get food delivered to wherever they are already planning on being.

Lunches & after work dinners can be delivered straight to the office. School lunches can be grouped together and delivered to carpooling or PTA groups. Meals can be sent to Gymnasiums or Cafes where people frequent daily. Food could even be delivered to a hotel when someone travels, so their diet travels with them. The ways in which Co-Drops can work are as diverse as our lifestyles.

FreshRealm Vessel


When we gift to another person, we are connected to them. As we become less concerned with “getting” and more focused on giving, our whole mind set shifts towards connection and abundance. FreshRealm integrates opportunities to gift whenever possible.

FreshRealm Vessel


Expressing and sharing gratitude is built into the Cloud technology platform and Vessel return system. Participants are invited to share gratitude with the Growers, Packers, Carriers and everyone who played a role in the food delivery process.

FreshRealm Vessel

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